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The Science

Behind DMN-01

Minimum Effort.
Maximum Impact.

Two teaspoons, once a day.
Feel the difference.

Glorious Bowel Movements

You’ll improve bowel function and stool consistency, with the ability to normalise both mild diarrhea and mild constipation.*

Experience Digestive Comfort & Relief

Our ingredients are delivered in therapeutic doses to help relieve or reduce bloating, abdominal discomfort, and other gastrointestinal symptoms.*

Grow Your Own Probiotics

DMN-01 contains ingredients shown to increase the abundance of the beneficial microbes Akkermansia, Bifidobacterium and Faecalibacterium to support optimal gut microbiome health.*

Create Powerful Anti-Inflammatory SCFAs

Resistant starch, fiber, and polyphenols support intestinal short chain fatty acid production (SCFAs) which are proven to reduce inflammation throughout your body.*

Restore Gut Barrier Integrity

DMN-01 contains ingredients shown to enhance gut barrier function and reduce intestinal permeability. In layman's terms, this means correcting leaky gut.*

Lower Blood Histamine Levels

For the first time, a prebiotic supplement found in DMN-01 has been shown to lower histamine levels. This may be beneficial to those with histamine intolerance.*

Inspired by patients.

As an internationally renowned gastroenterologist, I am creating solutions to the very real problems many people experience as the result of a damaged gut microbiome.

Guided by science.

38TERA products work because we use clinically validated ingredients at therapeutic doses to achieve optimal gut health benefits. It’s formulated combining clinical research and microbiome expertise.

Designed for you and your microbes.

Your gut microbes are central to your health and 38TERA is designed to nourish and enhance your gut microbiome to elevate your health.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI

As a gastroenterologist, I struggled to find trustworthy, well-formulated supplements I could have for my patients.

Everything I looked at made claims not based on scientific evidence or credible research and many are not appropriately tested. 

My frustration led me to do something radical!

Introducing 38TERA— a gut-focused company dedicated to providing the supplements I always wished I had for my patients.

I started with this question:

“What would I put in a gut health supplement if there were no limits on sourcing the absolute best, clinically validated, and most beneficial ingredients?”

This question took me on a three year quest researching and then searching for those exact ingredients all around the globe.

Ingredients that are proven to fulfill my goals for a supplement that would produce health-creating results.

My next question:

“How do I make this as easy as possible for people to consume daily?”

This is why our formulation for DMN-01 can be simply added to water for a refreshing and delicious drink. Or throw it in a smoothie…or mix it with some yoghurt...or kefir, whatever you like!

Best of all, DMN-01 does not require refrigeration so you can take it on the go.

The Vision

Create a product that supports a wide variety of microbes.

While most prebiotics deliver a large amount of one kind of fiber, our gut bugs love a wide variety of fibre, resistant starch, and polyphenols.*

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI

Dr. B is a gastroenterologist, internationally recognized gut health expert and the New York Times bestselling author of the books Fibre Fuelled and The Fibre Fuelled Cookbook.

He completed a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, a medical degree from Georgetown University, and a master’s in clinical investigation from Northwestern University. Dr. B was the chief medical resident at Northwestern and the chief gastroenterology fellow at The University of North Carolina, and received the highest award given by both his residency and fellowship. He completed an epidemiology fellowship on a grant from the National Institutes of Health at UNC’s prestigious Gillings School of Global Public Health. He’s the author of more than 20 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has given more than 40 presentations at national meetings, and has educated more than 15,000 students through his courses on 


For the best results, we recommend taking 2 teaspoons of DMN-01 daily. DMN-01 was formulated with specific amounts of several ingredients to match the amount shown to be effective in human clinical trials. That said, for people with a damaged gut, constipation, SIBO or food intolerances they may find that it’s best to start with a low dose of DMN-01 and slowly work towards the full dose over a period of weeks.

DMN-01 is highly flexible and remains effective whether it’s part of your morning ritual, a midday boost, or an evening addition. Above all else, the most important thing is that it’s actually taken. The full benefits of DMN-01 are unlocked with daily, consistent use. That said, there are some specific goals and health conditions that are discussed below in the “Health and Specific Diet Questions” section that you might consider if applicable to you.

DMN-01 is highly versatile and adaptable to your taste preferences. It classically and effortlessly mixes with water. You can also combine it with smoothies, yogurt, kefir, and ice cream including plant-based varieties. Do not heat DMN (it affects the resistant starch), blend it (alters the fiber), or add it to carbonated drinks (lots of fizz). If you want to cut the sweetness, add a squeeze or lemon, lime or splash of kombucha or combine with yogurt or kefir.

We all have different taste preferences, so it is very understandable that some may find DMN-01 to be too sweet. Some of the ways to cut the sweetness are to add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your glass (extra polyphenols), a splash of kombucha, or combine DMN with a non-sweet yogurt, kefir, or smoothie.

There are no specific waiting times required after taking DMN-01 before you can eat or drink. It can be taken with or without meals. That said, if your goal is satiety (feeling full), weight loss or blood sugar control you might consider taking DMN 30 minutes or so before meals.

It really depends on your goals. DMN-01 does not require a specific time of day and doesn’t specifically require that it be taken with or without meals. Generally the best time is whatever time you’ll remember to take it every day, which for most of us is in the morning. That said, if your goal is satiety, weight loss or blood sugar control then it is likely best to drink the DMN about 30 minutes before your meal.

Either way is fine.

It really depends on what your goals are. If your goal is weight loss or blood sugar control, try 30 min before meals. Otherwise the timing isn’t particularly important.

You are not required to consume a large volume of water, but of course we love hydration to help float the fiber down the river.

DMN-01 has no added sugar, less than 1 gram of natural sugar, and is keto-friendly. Thus, your body will remain in a metabolically fasted state. That said, DMN-01 is designed to alter the microbiome, and our gut microbes love a chance to rest themselves, so it is preferred to wait at least 12 hours after your last meal before using DMN to allow our gut bugs that rest time. One last thing — DMN can potentially be used to extend a fast, in the sense that it is keto friendly but also rather satiating. So that is something that can be considered as well.

DMN-01 is not meant to be fully dissolved. Nearly all of the ingredients dissolve quickly (even without stirring), but the resistant starch is a fine powder that you’ll see at the bottom of your glass. A quick swish and sip is the way to mix it all up and enjoy. No heavy stirring required! Just swish and sip.

Any fiber or microbiome active supplement could potentially require getting used to and cause gas, bloating or other symptoms during the adjustment phase. DMN is certified low FODMAP, meaning that it was formulated to be as gentle as possible. But despite that, it may be necessary to start low and go slow with DMN if you experience symptoms. This is particularly true for those with constipation, SIBO, histamine intolerance or other food intolerances. For more information, see the section below “Health and Specific Diet Questions”.

It’s not a problem to split the dose. In fact, this can be a strategy in the beginning for those who are sensitive to DMN.

DMN-01 is designed to get better and make your gut stronger with regular, consistent use. The ingredients tested in clinical trials showed benefits after 4 weeks of regular use. That means that the full benefits are not necessarily felt immediately. That said, it is common for a sense of fullness (satiety), increased energy, or changes in bowel movements to occur within a few days. Therefore, it is recommended to consistently use for four weeks to assess for response. In some cases, benefits will be experienced beyond four weeks, but four weeks is the minimum period to assess response.

DMN-01 was formulated to have benefits with a single dose. If you are to increase to a second dose, you should make sure that this is providing you with additional benefits beyond what you experience with a single daily dose. You can play with the timing of that second dose to see what works best for you.

Your gut is constantly being conditioned by your diet. A single dose of DMN-01 will feed particular microbes in your gut. As you continue to use DMN-01, those microbes will be fed daily and will progressively be more powerfully represented in your gut microbiome. DMN-01 contains ingredients shown to significantly increase Akkermansia, Bifidobacteria, and Faecalibacterium levels at 4 weeks. In the same regard, if you stop using DMN you should expect your microbiome to be conditioned by the other aspects of your diet, and therefore the changes that you got from DMN would fade over time.

There’s no clear answer to this question, and the good news is that DMN-01 should be effective and beneficial whether taken morning, noon or night and with or without food. Try to build a routine around having your Daily Microbiome Nutrition every day! For most of us, that will be a daily morning dose.

As is standard for all supplements in the US, DMN-01 is not regulated by the FDA. This does not diminish the care we put into its development and the quality standards we hold it to. Each batch of DMN-01 is third party tested for purity to insure that it meets our standards.

Yes, like other similar products, DMN-01 has an expiration date to ensure you’re experiencing it at its best quality. You’ll find this date clearly printed on the bottom of the can.

DMN-01 has not been tested during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It is best to consult with your obstetrician or healthcare provider regarding the use of DMN in this setting and given your specific health history.

If you have previously experienced a reaction to one of the ingredients in DMN-01 before, it is best to avoid the use of DMN-01 unless you have discussed it with your healthcare provider and under their care have a plan to insure your safety.

DMN-01 is not currently Certified Organic. Our goal was to create the optimal prebiotic supplement to support gut health. We reviewed hundreds of ingredients from across the globe, and selected the ingredients that we felt best fit our goal, whether they were organic or not. Some ingredients in DMN-01 are organic, but not all. In order to maintain our rigorous quality standards, we third party test each batch for contaminants including glyphosate.

DMN-01 was formulated with adults in mind. As every child’s health needs are unique, we recommend discussing this with your pediatrician. We do not recommend DMN for children under 2 years of age. If DMN-01 is used in children between ages 2 and 12, the dose should be reduced based upon the age and size of the child, as directed by your pediatrician.

Yes, DMN-01 is both vegan and cruelty-free! We take pride in ensuring our products align with these important values. This means no animal products are used in DMN-01, and it is not tested on animals at any stage of its production.

DMN-01 was third party tested and gluten was not detectable. DMN-01 is not yet Certified Gluten Free, however.

The natural flavorings in DMN-01 are derived from plants. These flavoring substances are obtained through a variety of processes, all aimed at bringing out the best natural flavors from the plants.

Each serving of DMN-01 contains 18 calories.

No, room temperature storage will do just fine!

DMN-01 has a metal top that you can easily open by sweeping a fork or spoon under the lip and popping up.

Many but not all of the ingredients in DMN-01 are whole foods ground into a powder. The ingredients were selected for their effect on the gut microbiome. It wouldn’t be the same as eating those foods nor is this a replacement for a healthful diet. It’s a supplement that has a targeted effect on the gut bugs, bowel movements, and gut symptoms that’s intended to be used in addition to a healthful diet.

All of the active ingredients in DMN-01 were selected based upon research to support their inclusion and the claims made with the product. Our company is just getting started, so we have not yet created the webpage about the science behind DMN-01, although we hope to have this available soon. For the time being, each individual ingredient is easily searchable on PubMed.

Yes. We hold DMN-01 to high standards of quality, so every batch of DMN-01 is third party tested for purity.

DMN-01 was formulated with science to support the prebiotic and gut health benefits of the individual ingredients.

No. Level 1 evidence of efficacy indicates a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. This is generally only found among older drugs and some supplements that have been on the market long enough to compile enough data to make a systematic review and meta-analysis not only possible, but necessary. New drugs and supplements will not have Level 1 evidence. Daily Microbiome Nutrition was developed using the best available evidence, which includes ingredient specific RCTs in humans to establish therapeutic doses for some ingredients and varied levels of evidence for the others.

DMN-01 is not food and should not be mistaken for food. It is a supplement intended to compliment and enhance the benefits that we get from a healthful diet. On a quest for better gut health, we should opt for a healthful diet, lifestyle and add a daily dose of DMN for added gut health support.

At this time, DMN-01 (and future 38TERA products) is not registered with Health Canada and does not have a NPN. We are actively working to make DMN-01 more accessible and less expensive to our friends in Canada.

Each serving of DMN-01 contains 5.6 total grams of product, and of this 2 grams are fiber and resistant starch. The reason it is a fraction is because these are not fiber extracts, meaning we are not using chemicals to remove the fiber from the food, but instead are grinding the food into a powder that is consumed in supplement form. One important point on this — DMN is not meant to replace your diet and wasn’t formulated to replace the grams of fiber that you get from your diet. DMN was formulated to target the beneficial gut bugs and enrich them, promote healthy, satisfying bowel movements, and reduce gut symptoms. We could have added grams of fiber extracts for filler, but that would have actually dilluted the quality of the product, made it less effective for our stated purpose, and been disingenuous. We firmly believe in the formulation of DMN-01 and the way it compliments a healthful diet.

DMN-01 is a supplement activated by the gut microbiome, and therefore can cause gas and bloating symptoms in some cases as your body adjusts to taking it. It is Certified Low FODMAP, meaning that it was formulated to cause less gut symptoms than other prebiotic supplements. But it is still possible, particularly among those with a damaged gut microbiome, constipation, histamine intolerance, or other food intolerances. Please review the other “Health and Specific Diet Questions” for additional insights on these conditions. Also, it is rare, but it is possible for a person to have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in DMN-01. We third party test for purity to insure that there are no contaminants, so that you can be confident that the only ingredients in a can of DMN-01 are the ones seen on the package label.

The answer to questions of this variety depends heavily on what you’re taking, why you’re taking it, and your specific health history. For this reason, it is best to review these choices with your healthcare provider to insure that you are making a fully informed choice.

DMN includes ingredients that have been shown to improve stool form and improve mild constipation or even mild diarrhea. It is also Certified Low FODMAP, which means that it was developed to produce less gut symptoms. That said, even as a Low FODMAP Certified supplement it can still cause gas and bloating in a person who has moderate or severe chronic constipation. In this setting, DMN-01 is not intended to be the sole treatment for constipation. Rather, it is best to work with your healthcare provider to treat the constipation and get your bowels moving first, perhaps with the use of magnesium supplements (oxide, citrate, sulfate). Once your bowels are moving, gently introduce the DMN-01 starting with a 1/2 teaspoon per day and increase as tolerated to keep the bowels moving and achieve a healthy stool form.

DMN-01 has not been studied specifically within the context of irritable bowel syndrome, but other research indicates that fiber supplements are beneficial in the treatment of IBS (PMID: 25070054). People with IBS may benefit from reduced gut symptoms, better stool form, and support of beneficial gut bugs like Akkermansia, Bifidobacteria and Faecalibacterium. Additionally, DMN was designed to be gentle and is Certified Low FODMAP. There is a higher level of gut sensitivity with irritable bowel syndrome due to visceral hypersensitivity and damage to the microbiome. If you have IBS and develop bloating or other symptoms when you start DMN, reduce the dose down to an amount that you can tolerate without symptoms and then slowly increase over the course of weeks.

DMN-01 has not been studied specifically within the context of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. That said, there is evidence (PMID: 33167889) that resistant starch may provide clinical benefit in IBD. DMN may help mitigate dysbiosis (a damaged microbiome) by supporting the beneficial gut bugs like Akkermansia, Bifidobacteria and Faecalibacterium in addition to promoting healthy bowel movements and reduced gut symptoms. There is a higher level of gut sensitivity with inflammatory bowel diseases due to visceral hypersensitivity and damage to the microbiome. DMN was designed to be gentle and is Certified Low FODMAP. If you have IBD and develop bloating or other symptoms when you start DMN, reduce the dose down to an amount that you can tolerate without symptoms and then slowly increase over the course of weeks.

DMN-01 has not been studied specifically within the context of SIBO. That said, an important aspect of SiBO is rebuilding a healthy gut microbiome. In one particular study (PMID: 31043597), fiber was found to protect against symptoms and small intestine dysbiosis. DMN-01 is a prebiotic supplement that may be helpful in this setting, not only for fiber content and its prebiotic effects on the microbiome but also the fact that it is low FODMAP and therefore designed to be gentle and less gas-producing. There is a higher level of gut sensitivity in SIBO due to visceral hypersensitivity and damage to the microbiome, so it may be necessary to start with a lower dose of DMN-01 that you can tolerate without symptoms and then slowly increase over the course of weeks. Additionally, if you have underlying constipation it may be necessary to address the constipation and get your bowels moving under the care of your healthcare provider before adding in the DMN.

Fructose intolerance is the result of a sensitivity to fructose, which is a sugar often found in fruits and which is considered a FODMAP. DMN-01 is Certified Low FODMAP. This means that during the certification process it was tested and found to be low in fructose. Additionally, DMN-01 is designed to support the gut bacteria.

DMN-01 does not include gluten-containing ingredients and had third party testing indicating no contamination and that gluten was not detectable. It is not currently certified as gluten free, however.

DMN-01 has not been studied specifically within the context of acid reflux, but there is research to suggest that fiber supplements can be beneficial for acid reflux (PMID: 29881238; 31043918). The esophagus has its own microbiome that is altered to include more gram negative bacteria in esophageal disorders like acid reflux or eosinophilic esophagitis (PMID: 30069679). Fiber intake is associated with changes in the esophageal microbiome that are thought to be protective (PMID: 30356041). The authors wrote, “The inverse association between dietary fiber and prevalence of Gram-negative bacteria in this study provides one mechanism through which increased fiber consumption might protect against inflammation-mediated esophageal disease.”

DMN-01 has not been specifically tested with hemorrhoids, but research (PMID: 16405552) indicates that fiber significantly improves hemorrhoid symptoms (by 47%) and significantly improves hemorrhoidal bleeding (by 50%). DMN-01 contains ingredients shown to improve stool form and improve mild diarrhea and mild constipation, all of which can be helpful in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

DMN-01 has not been specifically tested in SIBO. There are very few studies of supplements or other treatments for SIBO at this point, there’s still a huge need for more research. That said, it is expected that DMN-01 is beneficial in the context of SIBO for 2 reasons. First, it is a low FODMAP prebiotic, so it feeds the good gut bugs in a more gentle way. Second, the emerging research says that fiber is critical to recovery from SIBO. See PMID: 31043597. When adding DMN-01 in SIBO, it may be required to start at a low, tolerable dose and gently increase with time.

It depends on your individual needs, why you’re taking the probiotic, and how the probiotic works. DMN is a prebiotic supplement, which means that it’s action is different than a probiotic, so they absolutely can be taken together. But whether or not you should continue your probiotic is a question best answered by your healthcare provider based upon your individual needs.

Absolutely. We know there are many forms of fiber and they have different actions on our gut bugs. That said, DMN does require work from our gut microbes to unlock its benefits, and when introducing DMN it may be preferential to hold other fiber supplements while the DMN is being introduced. Those additional supplements can be gently added back after the DMN is already on board, if desired.

It is best to separate DMN-01 from your thyroid medicine by at least 3 hours. The good news is that DMN can be taken any time of day, so simply establish a daily DMN habit that does not conflict with your thyroid medicine.


While DMN-01 has not been formally studied in conjunction with antibiotic use, research (PMID: 37620319) indicates that fiber supplementation can help protect the beneficial bacteria during antibiotic treatment. DMN-01 contains ingredients that have been shown to increase Akkermansia, Bifidobacteria and Faecalibacterium. For optimal gut support, it is best to have started DMN-01 as early as possible, ideally before the antibiotics, continue DMN while taking the antibiotics and afterwards in an ongoing basis.

DMN-01 has not studied with bowel transit time specifically but contains ingredients shown to normalize bowel movements and improve mild constipation. In cases of moderate or severe constipation it may be necessary to address the constipation with your healthcare provider and initiate the DMN after you have already started having better bowel movements to help maintain healthy bowel regularity.

Actazin, one of the ingredients given at therapeutic doses, has been shown to help with bloating.

DMN-01 is functionally siimilar to other fiber supplements. There are no specific contraindications that are necessary for a general population, but for individual needs and specific questions it is best to check with your healthcare provider. In most cases, separation of DMN from other products by three hours would be an appropriate way to insure that there is no conflict.

We have sent DMN-01 out for testing and are awaiting the results to confirm it is safe for our friends with nut allergies.

If you are following a low histamine diet and attempting to make a diagnosis of histamine intolerance, it is best to not use DMN-01 while trying to determine whether or not you have histamine intolerance. DMN-01 contains an ingredient that has been shown to lower blood histamine levels by improving gut barrier function (ie correcting leaky gut). This may prove to be beneficial for people that have histamine intolerance. Importantly, this is an effect that is not seen immediately, but rather after ongoing use over 4 weeks. If you have histamine intolerance, you may need to start with a very low dose (½ tsp per day or less) and slowly increase it.

Our subscription service is designed to provide you with convenience and consistency. When you subscribe to the DMN-01, your orders will be automatically shipped every 30 days, aligning with the date of your initial order. This means if you place your first order on the 10th, your next order will be shipped on the 10th of the following month, and so on.

This hassle-free process ensures you never run out of the DMN-01 and continue to enjoy it without the need to manually place an order each month. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure you’re always stocked up!

Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with you where routine use of 38TERA supplements helps you achieve your health goals by supporting your friendly gut bugs. As a part of subscribing, 1) You will pay a lower price point and save money every month on the cost of your supplement; 2) If you are in the United States or Australia, you will also receive free shipping every month (another significant savings); 3) You will have the convenience and consistency of receiving more 38TERA on a regular basis, but maintain control over shipping dates; and 4) You have the right to cancel at any time, there is no long term commitment required.

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. We understand that circumstances change, and we want to ensure that our service works for you on your terms. To cancel, simply do so before the fulfillment of your next month’s shipment. This gives you control over your subscription and ensures that you’re only receiving what you need, when you need it.

When ordering a new subscription, you will be able to purchase up to two cans per subscription. If you already purchased the single can subscription and would like to increase your quantity to two cans per subscription, please email so our team can help you out.

You have the flexibility to adjust your subscription at any time. We understand that circumstances change, and we want to ensure that our service works for you on your terms. To edit your delivery schedule, simply log into your subscriber portal and pick the delivery date that works best for you.

The subscription portal can be accessed from the top right corner of the 38TERA website or at the very bottom of the website. Additionally, when you purchased your subscription, you should have received an email with a link to your subscriber portal. If you did not recieve it, please check your spam folder to see if it got hung up there. If you still can’t find it, please email so we can send the link over to you.

You have the flexibility to pause your subscription at any time. We understand that circumstances change, and we want to ensure that our service works for you on your terms. To pause your subscription, simply do so before the fulfillment of your next month’s shipment in your subscriber portal. This gives you control over your subscription and ensures that you’re only receiving what you need, when you need it.

We are diligently working on making DMN-01 more accessible to our friends outside the United States and Australia. Due to the complex nature of international shipping and customs regulations, we regret to inform you that DMN-01 is not currently available for purchase by non-US or non-AUS residents at this time. 

We understand this news may be disappointing, and we want to assure you that we are actively working on growing our 38TERA footprint to better serve our friends across the globe. This step is crucial for us to ensure a smoother and more efficient delivery process and to reduce costs for you in the future. 

For all subscription orders within the United States and Australia, shipping is absolutely free! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a loyal subscriber.

For one-time purchases, the cost of shipping, taxes, and any applicable customs fees will be automatically calculated at checkout. These costs are determined based on your specific shipping address, ensuring accuracy and transparency in every transaction.

Please email so they can help you out with this.

Please email so they can help you out with this.

At 38TERA we understand that gut health and wellness is a personal journey, and what works for one individual may not work for another. We recognize that despite DMN-01 being beneficial for many, it might not be the right fit for everyone. With this reality in mind, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our products and brand.

Refund Eligibility:
If you find that any 38TERA product is not a good fit, we are here to support you with a refund. Our policy allows for product refunds within 30 days of purchase.

Approved refunds will cover the cost of the product only. Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable and will be subtracted from the cost of the product.

Refund Process:
To initiate a refund, please contact our customer service team at with your purchase details. You will be guided through the next steps.

We are sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, an allergic or adverse reaction is possible with anything we ingest, including food, supplements and medicine. Your safety and the safety of 38TERA products are our highest priority. Please reach out to us by emailing or call 1.877.769.9965 so that we can understand more about what you experienced. Additionally, consistent with our refund policy we will arrange a refund for the cost of the product (minus the cost of shipping.)

We do not offer wholesale at this time but please send an email to with your name, email address, company name, phone number and a quick note about why you’d llike to become one of our retailers and we will add you to our database to notify you if we open up for wholesale orders in the future.

Currently, we do not have a referral program in place. We’re always looking for ways to enhance the experience of our valued customers, and feedback like yours is incredibly helpful in guiding our future offerings.

While we may not have a referral program at this time, we’re continually exploring new features and benefits for our customers. We appreciate your interest and suggest keeping an eye on our communications for any updates or new initiatives we might introduce

If your tracking is showing an issue or delay with your shipment, it will be best to contact the carrier as we have no control over the timing of the shipment once it leaves our warehouse.